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Thread: Twin boys!

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    oakley is different, but i love any nature sounding names.

    what middle names might you use?
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    [QUOTE=emsky;1911055]Congrats! Personally I love Milo but do not love Oakley. I do like Owen and Milo.

    I totally agree with this, Milo & Owen would be fantastic!

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    I know a family with the last name Oakley so I can't imagine it suiting a little boy. I personally don't really like the name anyway. I really like the suggestions of Milo and Owen but I also think Owen and Roscoe would be lovely together.

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    Congrats! I'm not really a fan of either... Milo reminds me of "The Adventures of Milo and Otis", although I can see that the younger generation probably won't even know that movie. Oakley is a brand, and I know a little girl with the same name (spelled Oakleigh). To me, it doesn't sound very masculine... I'd agree that Milo and Owen is a much better pairing...
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    I love Milo (on its own, it doesn't remind me of the film), but the suggestion of Milo and Owen reminds me overwhelmingly of the movie "The Adventures of Milo and Otis", as the pp also mentioned.

    I do think Milo is a fantastic name. I'm not so into Oakley...they just don't seem to "go" together. However, there isn't anything wrong with Oakley...though I could see it becoming another one of those trendy last-names-as-first-names for girls.

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