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    I suffer(ed) sort of the same thing. I started out in college on the path to a zoology major because I wanted to work with animals. Turns out I am really bad at math and chemistry so I nearly failed out and switched my major to history, which I am much better at. I pulled my GPA up to above a 3.0 and I do love learning about history, but doing some sort of career with it? I struggled with wondering if I made the right choice after making the switch because I don't want a career in history, and while it is a flexible degree that you can use in a wide range of jobs, nothing that I have thought of or had suggested to me career-wise really appeals to me. I am in my final two weeks of college now, and I have a part time job and am possibly going to get a second part time job, but I really only want to work until we can buy a house and start having kids, and then I want to be a SAHM. I don't think I am the career type, y'know? But since I have a degree I have already felt the "you need to get a real job!" stuff from family. My dad has been a big help in paying for my schooling so I feel bad not wanting to do something big and long-term with it. My mom was a SAHM who went back into a career after we were older, and I think that once I have more life experience I may be able to do that, but right now all I want to do is work when I have to and as soon as I can, be a SAHM.
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