View Poll Results: Which combo for baby girl Lopez?

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  • Ruby Marlowe

    36 42.86%
  • Ruby Miller

    5 5.95%
  • Ruby Sawyer

    6 7.14%
  • Ruby Indiana

    8 9.52%
  • Marlowe Ruby

    3 3.57%
  • Sawyer Pearl

    2 2.38%
  • Sawyer Lilac

    2 2.38%
  • Miller Sonora

    0 0%
  • Juniper Marlowe

    11 13.10%
  • Arwen Ruby

    11 13.10%
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Thread: One week! Poll

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    One week! Poll

    OK, somehow forgot to add the poll portion (preggo brain!), so this is part two of my earlier post. Thanks all who gave input!

    I'm stuck on some choices and nothing set for middle names and I'm due in the next week. I would LOVE to name baby girl Marlowe but our last name is Lopez. Too many "lo" sounds, right? I also love Tallulah but it's nixed for the same reason (also hubby hates it-- ha). That said, our current top two names are Ruby and Sawyer (yes, I'm aware some people think this unisex surname is for boys only!). Also love Arwen, Miller, Indigo (husband hates), and Juniper (but fading on that one). Any suggestions? Which combo do you think flows best? Please vote below

    Thanks so much!

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    Ruby Marlowe has a great blend of spunk and literary pedigree. This combo jumped out at me (and blew me a kiss ).
    All the best,

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    I agree with Mischa. While Marlowe Lopez sounds like a stutter, in the middle slot it's beautiful. Ruby Lopez sounds great and as a combination, Ruby Marlowe Lopez is a winner.
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    I voted for Ruby Marlowe, my second choice is Marlowe Ruby.

    My name is Jennifer and when I got married my new last name now begins with Fer. It is basically the same issue you have with Marlowe with Lopez. It doesn't bother me and no one has commented on that to me before with my if the Lowe-Lo combo doesn't bother you and Marlowe is your all time favorite name, I say go for it!!!! She may not have the last name of Lopez forever =) Also, I go by some nicknames, so I don't always get the fer-Fer sounds with my name. If she gets nicknames, it could help with the lowe-Lo sounds!

    Good luck =)

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    I voted for Ruby Marlowe Lopez. I love it, but I'm slightly biased as I have a little Ruby myself.

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