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Thread: Musetta!

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    What do you think of that name?
    I think it's cute and the nn Muse is really adorable

    Also I need a combo with two middle names
    I was thinking
    Musetta Zephyrine Azure
    Musetta Cordelia Anne
    Musetta Persephone Jane
    Musetta Anwen Belle
    Musetta Tempest Anne
    Musetta Annabel Faye
    Musetta Imogen Hermione
    Musetta Charlotte Eloise
    Musetta Elowen Rose
    Musetta Prudence Anne

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm personally not a fan of the name or the nickname. I think it's too out there and the Mus beginning of the name isn't super pleasing in my ear. It could be a nice middle name though.

    I love the band Muse, which is what it makes me think of, and I would use Bellamy after the lead singer Matthew Bellamy if I were to honor the band in my daughter's name.

    Musetta Elowen Rose is nice, as is Musetta Persephone Jane (I like Musetta Jane Persephone too).
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    Musetta is pretty, though too out there for me. I prefer the nn Etta to the nn Muse.

    I think a one-syllable first middle would be best, followed by a two-syllable second.

    Musetta Jane Azure
    Musetta Anne Corinne
    Musetta Claire Ivy
    Musetta Faye Arwen
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    Musetta Faye Arwen is beautiful

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    I think Musetta is great. Soft and gorgeous and melodic. Also nn Muse or Etta are both to die for.
    These four combos are amazing. (*my favorites)
    Musetta Persephone Jane
    Musetta Tempest Anne
    Musetta Imogen Hermione*
    Musetta Elowen Rose*
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