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    Did your baby drop visibly or noticeably?
    My baby visibly dropped at around 30 weeks. A friend even said, "Oh, Honey. Don't go into labor yet." ...a few days later, I was in the ER in pre-term labor. Thankfully, after a couple of days, I was sent home with very strict instructions to park it for the next 7 weeks.

    Did symptoms like heartburn or anything change?
    I was really lucky in that I never had heartburn throughout my pregnancy. I was less hungry the last couple of days though.

    Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea that came on before later but wasn't generally a 3rd tri symptom for you?
    My morning sickness subsided at about 16 weeks and never came back. Again, I was lucky on this one.

    Increased braxton hicks or irregular contractions?
    I had contractions every 2-4 minutes apart for the last 7 weeks, even with strong meds. The contractions continued steadily and finally my water just broke.

    Mood swings? Extreme tiredness, irritability, or bursts of energy?
    I would have these bursts of energy the last week or so. Of course, I couldn't do anything. So, I called my mom. She would come over and organize, and I would fuss and boss

    Did you realize you were in labor before your water broke or you lost your mucus plug (which I realize doesn't always occur right before labor)?
    It was when my water broke. I was allowed to get off of bed rest the afternoon before. I wanted to visit my work, since I had not seen anyone in several weeks. My water broke right in the reception area....
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