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    Hazel and Ivy are my favourites from your list.

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    I like Eliana and Hazel

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    I only like Fiona.
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    I like Eliana, it's got a nice sound to it. Hazel is another one I like a lot. Eliana Hazel would make a nice name combo. All the others I like quite a bit too. Susannah is probably my least favorite, but it's not bad either.
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    Eliana [EL-EE-ON-AH]- I like this name a lot, but that's not how I pronounce it.

    Alessandra- I like the exotic flair, but I wouldn't nickname her Alex... that's just asking for people to get her full name wrong.

    Fiona-I think of Fiona Apple, not Shrek... (*Feeling old*) I actually love this name. It's still fresh and interesting to me, and there are cool nns, like Fee, Iona, Ona, etc.

    Ivy-I prefer Iris to Ivy. I personally think of the cartoon character Poison Ivy. It's ok, but you have better choices.

    Susannah-Don't like this name. "Oh Susannah, now don't you cry for me. Cuz I've come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee!" EXTREMELY strong redneck connotation for me.

    Hazel-I have to admit I hated this, but it's growing on me. It is really old (my grandma's friend is Hazel), but I can imagine it coming back at full force. It is really cute...

    Tops: Fiona, Eliana, Hazel...
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