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    Alessandra is my favourite.

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    Eliana [EL-EE-ON-AH]-Love the exotic flair it has. Also love the fact of honoring my mom with an ANA name. My mother's name is Anabela.
    I like that you want to honor your mother, this name is pretty, but definitely not my favorite from your list.

    Alessandra-Again love the exotic flair to it. DH likes Alexandra more. He loves the nn Alex for a girl. I just think Alexandra is a bit harsh sounding so this is a great compromise. The S sound makes it softer and she could still go by Alex
    I know an Alexandra that goes exclusively by Allie, Alessandra is very nice and does have an exotic flair to it!

    Fiona-No matter how many people associate this name with Shrek, I just can't let it go lol. IMO, it was a beautiful and unique name before that movie ever came out. I've only met one Fiona in my life and she was gorgeous little girl.
    I love, love, love Fiona! This is definitely an awesome name, the first time I heard this name was not from Shrek but from the movie the Secret of Roan Inish, the lead little girl in the film's name was Fiona and she was a beautiful little girl and the movie is great! This is by far my favorite on your list!

    Ivy-This name makes me think of Christmas time. It's just so simple and classic don't you think?
    I think it is both simple and classic!

    Susannah-Very classy and vintage which I love.
    Susannah is stunning, love that it has Biblical ties as well!

    Hazel-I was never fond of this name until I actually met a little girl with this name and she was just so sweet and beautiful. Now I'm in love lol.
    Pretty name!

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    They're all great choices. My favorites would be Susannah followed by Hazel. Alessandra is also very nice, but I feel like it would get mistaken for Alexandra a lot.

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    Fiona is on my short list, therefore I just have to vote for it I also like Ivy and Hazel.

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    In order of my personal preference:
    1. Susannah ~ I also like it spelt Susanna, and I LOVE the nickname Susie, so cute!
    2. Ivy ~ Love this name, but I sometimes wonder whether it's a bit too short and lacks something.
    3. Alessandra ~ Gorgeous! I'd prefer the nickname Aless or Alice rather than Alex.
    4. Fiona ~ Too much Shrek for me, but I still think it's pretty.
    5. Hazel ~ It's okay, a bit boring perhaps.
    6. Eliana ~ I don't like how you pronounce it, and I don't like the name anyway because I'm not a fan of Ellie as a nickname.
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