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    What do you think of Giovanna?

    I'm really digging Giovanna at the moment. What are your thoughts on it? Any combo ideas? I'd prefer Italian middle names, but anything goes.

    If you're not sure of how it's pronounced, you can listen to the Italian pronunciation on Forvo (click here).

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    It's very bold and it's very Italian. I think it's funny that it's a variation of Jane because Jane is the quintessential sweet and simple name whereas Giovanna is so loud. I like it and Vanna would be a cute nickname!
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    I really like it, but I personally wouldn't use it unless I had Italian heritage.

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    It's a beautiful name, but all I think of is the woman Giovanna Plowman. Google her if you don't know who she is, I wouldn't want to have the same name as her.
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    I like it quite a bit. It's beautiful and has an inner strength to it.
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