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    Slightly old-fashioned in Italy, but it's a good name. Giovanni -the male counterpart- is surely more popular here nowadays, since a Giovanna here is probably over 40.

    As in for combos, it's hard to say, since in Italy we tend not to have middle names, but I'd say something short and sweet, like Lina, Lia, Eva or Isa, which are still perfectly acceptable Italian names. I'd suggest Ada, but the pronunciation in English doesn't really agree with Giovanna, while it sounds acceptable in Italian, and the A sound at the end/beginning is a little mouthful. Maybe Nina?
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    @cilesuns92: Interesting, thanks. I didn't know that Italians don't tend to use middle names.

    I like Lia, Lina, Nina and Isa.

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    I positively adore it! Eleni Giovanna Kate is on my own list. I have no Italian heritage, either, but I know a Native American girl whose name was Jovannah, pronounced the same way, and I don't think you have to be Italian to have such a beautiful Italian name. I first fell in love with it in Art History, there was this Giovanna (don't remember her last name), and she was just so inspirational. Her painting was really beautiful, too. Plus, it's a form of my dad's name, so I think I can get away with it.

    As for combos, I don't know! I'm quite tied to Eleni Giovanna Kate, personally, but I like the suggestion of Giovanna Lark. I think something like Giovanna Sophie or Giovanna Lucia would be lovely, too.
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    The only Giovannas I know were teenage students of mine from Brazil. I had 2 or 3 Brazilian Giovannas in my classes when I was teaching. To me, it sounds very strong and exotic. I wouldn't use it, but it is a nice name.
    Do you like alliterations? I like Giovanna Genoa, Giovanna Tosca or Giovanna Milan. You can't get more Italian than giving her the name of an Italian city. But, if you were to do that, like pps, I agree that Italy would have to be very meaningful for you.
    Or how about Giovanna Silva (or Giovanna Sylvie)
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