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    Baby Number 3 … Need some help!

    We are due with baby number 3 in October and it is a girl! My husband & I think we have narrowed it down to our final 2, but I wanted to get some feedback, as we do not share naming with family or friends. Our other children are daughter London (4) and son Jax (2-1/2). So here they are:

    Piper Jane Holm

    Yardley Jane Holm

    I feel like Piper is on kind of on track with our other kids’ names: on the popular side, only probably rising in the next few years. Yardley on the other hand is not popular or common. I feel like this is my last chance to go with an edgy/risky name for our last baby. Yardley seems like it would be cute on a young girl, but be distinguished on an adult woman. Jane is my MIL's name and we love it for a middle.

    Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Definitely Piper Jane.

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    I vote for Piper Jane!!

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    I think Yardley works with London and Jax. (More so London). Yardley is not too far off Hadley (but feels more feminine to me) which fits your description of your other kids names "on the popular side... Rising in the next few years".
    Piper feels like a 90s name to me, and one whose star has already burnt off. Whereas Yardley feels fresh, unexpected, yet familia.
    Yardley Jane is beautiful. It gets my vote.

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