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    Baby Number 3 … Need some help!

    We are due with baby number 3 in October and it is a girl! My husband & I think we have narrowed it down to our final 2, but I wanted to get some feedback, as we do not share naming with family or friends. Our other children are daughter London (4) and son Jax (2-1/2). So here they are:

    Piper Jane Holm

    Yardley Jane Holm

    I feel like Piper is on kind of on track with our other kids’ names: on the popular side, only probably rising in the next few years. Yardley on the other hand is not popular or common. I feel like this is my last chance to go with an edgy/risky name for our last baby. Yardley seems like it would be cute on a young girl, but be distinguished on an adult woman. Jane is my MIL's name and we love it for a middle.

    Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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