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    Morgana Rose
    Saskia Rose
    Helena Rose, with the pronunciation helen-uh and not he-lay-nuh. Otherwise, I'd go for Alexia Rose.

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    Althea Rose, Lydia Rose, and Saskia Rose are my favorites in that order. I actually wasn't familiar with Althea, and immediately guessed it was prn. ahl-tee-uh but i had to check of course. It's such a gorgeous name, I can't believe I haven't heard it before. Lydia Rose is very pretty, and I like that it's a double flower name. Saskia is unique and has a cool vibe to it. As far as being too frilly, I think Alexia is a little frilly but mostly I'm just not fond of the "xia" ending. However, it's still a nice name & plenty of others will love it....hope i helped!
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    My top 3 would be

    Helena Rose
    Althea Rose
    Lydia Rose

    but all your names are lovely

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