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    What is Your Hunger Game Name

    First Name: Pick the month you were born
    January: Marvel/Glacia
    February: Cato/Clove
    March: Chaff/Maysilee
    April: Finnick/Mags
    May: Fox/Annie
    June: Titus/Primrose
    July: Blight/Johanna
    August: Woof/Cecelia
    September: Haymitch/Enobaria
    October: Seeder/Cressida
    November: Thresh/Rue
    December: Peeta/Katniss

    Middle Name: Fist letter of your father's first name
    A-E: Cinna/Portia
    F-J: Gale/Lyme
    K-O: Pollux/Gloss
    P-T: Caesar/Effie
    U-Z: Cray/Hazelle

    Last Name: Favorite holiday
    Holloween: Mellark
    New Years: Snow
    Independence Day: Odair
    Earth Day: Everdeen
    April Fools Day: Abernathy
    Thanksgiving: Hawthorne

    My name: Maysilee Lyme Mellark
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