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    Yes, but sadly, he's not nearly as interesting as Dorian Gray. He's more like the scarecrow from brains >.>
    He is a womanizer though, so I guess I balance out. :P

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    So many beautiful and fun names. I love it Angel. (Now I want to read the books. You did that on purpose right?)

    The names below are the only ones I'd pronounce slightly differently.
    Pivane –pih-vane (badish) --> Piv-aine (in my accent it make the end of the name sound a little like anus. Which if he's a butt-head totally works. lol).
    Syrena – sigh-reen-ah (main villain) --> I actually know a Syrena she pronounces it Sah-ree-na the sound of which I find quite pretty.
    Dajanira – day-jah-neer-ah (bad) --> Dah-jah-neer-ah. The other sounds too much like Deja-Vu. (Since you haven't sent this to a publisher yet, I'd consider the spelling if you really like the day-jah-neer-ah pronunciation. Dejanira would give me that. Remember that even if you put a pronunciation guide in the book - which is so popular with ScFi/Fant books now it's always about KISS.)
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