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    Names from my Novel

    I asked this before but got like, one response so I thought I'd ask again. Not to brag, but I thought I did a fabulous job picking names for my novels. Since I love names and want to know what other name nerds are going to think when they come across names in my book, I'd love to have some opinions on the names themselves (not on whether they fit the character or not really so there won't be any long drawn out descriptions). I suppose I'll add whether the character is good or bad or neutral.


    1) I want opinions on the names themselves as fellow name nerds. If you want further info on any of the names, feel free to ask.
    2. I also know that not all of these are going to be easy to say, so I included pronunciations and I really want to know how you would have pronounced them otherwise. That is important to me.

    From the first novel (in publication stages):

    Etrean – eh-tree-an (good)
    Faron – fah-ron (neutral)
    Alsandair – al-san-dare (good)
    Rannulf –ran-nulf (bad)
    Pivane –pih-vane (badish)
    Alexis –ah-lex-is (bad)
    Juliana – ju-lee-ah-nah (bad)
    Phillipa – fil-lip-ah (bad)
    Marietta – mary- etta (good)
    Syrena – sigh-reen-ah (main villain)
    Maji – mah-ji (neutral)
    Absalom – ab-sah-lom (good)
    Pax (bad)
    Quella – kwel-lah (bad)
    Victoria – vic-tor-ee-ah (neutral)
    Soroka – sor-oh-kah (bad)
    Amara – ah-mar-ah (alias for Syrena)
    Etain – eh-tane (good)
    Samantha – sah-man-thah (good)
    Andrea – an-dree-ah (neutral)
    Theona – thee-oh-nah (neutral)
    Odette – oh-det (neutral)
    Zarex –za-rex (neutral)
    Cassandra – cah-san-drah (bad)
    Kiera – keer-ah (neutral)
    Cecilia – seh-sil-yuh (neutral)
    Dahlia – doll-yuh (neutral)
    Majendra – mah-jen-drah (bad)
    Felicity – feh-lih-sity (neutral)
    Jocelyn – joz-len (neutral)
    Lilith – lih-lith (neutral)
    Seren – seh-ren (badish)
    Tacitus – tac-ih-tus (badish)
    Mathis – ma-this (good)
    Reynolds – rey-nolds (good)
    Altair – al-tare (good and I already realize this isn't a 'correct' pronunciation)
    Lilandra – lil-ahn-drah (bad)
    Cynthia – sin-thee-uh (neutral)
    Aurelius – aw-ray-lee-us (good)
    Vega – vay-gah (neutral)

    Places and words:

    Thuria – thur-ee-ah
    Jara – jah-rah
    Eldrisa – el-drees-ah
    Baelfire – bale-fire
    Kaga – kah-ga
    Tondris – ton-dris

    From the second:

    Verin – VEH-rin (bad)
    Dorian - door-ee-an (neautralish)
    Nasir – NAH-seer (bad)
    Erebus – EH-reh-bus (bad)
    Viatrix – VEE-ah-triks (good)
    Cornelia – kor-NEE-lee-ah (good)
    Lorelei – LOR-eh-lie (good)
    Bianca – BYAHN-kah (good)
    Carya – CAR-yuh (neutralish)
    Cyrus -- SIE-rus (neutral)
    Lorcan -- LOR-kan (neutral)
    Delphine -- del-FEEN (bad)
    Lilandra – lil-AHN-drah (bad)
    Llewelyn – LOO-eh-len (goodish)
    Ulric – UHL-ric (good)
    Corrick – COR-RIK (good)
    Sophia -- so-FEE-a (good)
    HaldorHAL-door (good)
    Zillah -- ZIL-ah (bad)
    Valeriana – vah-LER-ee-ah-na (good)
    Faris – fair-is (bad)
    Demetri – deh-mee-tree (bad)
    Cassius – cass-ee-us (neutral)
    Imogen – im-oh-jen (bad)
    Dajanira – day-jah-neer-ah (bad)
    Malik – ma-lik (bad)
    Qadir – kah-deer (bad)
    Tahira – tah-heer-ah (bad)
    Elenwen – el-en-win (bad)
    Catori – cah-tor-ee (neutral)
    Moira – moy-rah (good)
    Ursicina – ur-sih-see-nah (bad)
    Calinico – ca-lih-nee-co (goodish)


    Dar-el-Mendal – dar-el-men-dahl
    Dar-el-Dorahn – dar-el-dor-ahn
    Alocia – ah-loh-shuh
    Woran – wor-ran
    Loroth – lor-oh-th

    (plus some of the ones from the first list but they aren't included here)

    So, from a naming perspective, what do you think and how assessable are the pronunciations?
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    Whoa, amazing names Angel! Not that I'm surprised. I'm pleased to see Viatrix in there, and very happy she's good!

    The pronunciations are how I would say them for the most, but the ones who aren't is just because we'd say them different here in England. And Altair, but you explained that one
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    Yes, I already know how to say Altair right, the character itself just has a mispronounced name (as happens in real life). I actually fought with myself over that too. >.< -- My Amazon Author Page

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    So many names! x_x What do you mean by 'publication stage' are we going to be able to read this in book format soon?

    Like, the Ottery one above, I say most of these the way you've described them but here are the names I'd say differently:

    (All 'a' are like cat, all 'ah' like car)

    Marietta - marry-etta
    Amara - a-mah-ra
    Cecilia - seh-seel-ee-a
    Dahlia - dah-lee-a OR day-lee-a
    Jocelyn - joss-eh-lin
    Tacitus - tass-ih-tus

    Bianca - bee-an-ka
    Carya - cah-ree-a
    Llewellyn - cloo-eclen
    Elenwen - ell-en-wen
    Dajanira - dadg-an-eera
    Calinico - ka-lin-ih-co
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    Only ones I stumbled on were Etrean (my head said et-reen) and Eldrisa (el-DRISS-uh). Lots of interesting ones in there. Love Llewelyn Elenwen is interesting- where's that from?
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