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    Amanda Palmer!

    I love all the five names: Quentin, Quincy...

    I know a boy who was a fourth called Quaddy and a third called Trey. Three could also be Trip or Tripp.
    Pam Satran

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    That's her full name, yes! Thanks
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Neil Gaiman rocks! I've met him a few times, he's such a sweetie, very personal
    So awesome. My six degrees of separation is shrinking! Lol.

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    I love Neil Gaiman!

    Back on topic:
    I was gathering numeral names in an attempt at writing a Sci-Fi novel which I abandoned and wrote my fantasy novel instead so I have some extensive lists. All these names have some meaning like "__ born"


    1 -- Akia, Alpha, Baako, Chaska, Hiapo, Jada, Kazuo, Mosi, Okpara, Primeiro, Shinichi, So, Taro, Uno, Wynono
    2 -- Eiji, Kenji, Lado, Manu, Pili, Secondo, Zinan
    3 -- Mensa, Saburo, Taizo, Terciero
    4 -- Anan, Anang, Cuartio, Fodjour, Quarto, Shiro
    5 -- Anum, Buinton, Cinco, Enu, Quentin
    6 -- Essien, Msrah, Nsia, Sextus
    7 -- Ashon, Asong, Bay, Nsoah, Nsonowa
    8 -- Awotwe, Botwe, Hachiro, Oktawian, Octavius, Tam
    9 -- Akron, Akrong, Nkruma, Nonnie, Nono, Tisa
    10 -- Badu, Decimus, Ond
    11 -- Dubaku
    12 -- Adeben
    13 -- Adusa, Odissan
    14 -- Agyeman
    15 -- Odinan


    1 -- Abiba, Alpha, Baako, Dede, Hatsu, Hatsuko, Hiapo, Kapuki, Mosi, Prima, Teyacapan, Una, Winona
    2 -- Kekona, Poni, Segunda, Tlacotl, Ulu
    3 -- Kunto, Mansa, Terceira
    4 -- Anan, Manang, Pita, Quartilla, Rabah, Rabia
    5 -- Enu, Penthea, Quincylla, Quintana, Quintella, Quinyette
    6 -- Nsia
    7 -- Asong, Nsonowa
    8 -- Awotwi, Botwe, Octavia
    9 -- Ennea, Nkruma, Tisa
    10 -- Badu, Baduwa
    11 -- Dubaku

    Then there's just using a number (Seven seems to be popular right now) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love stardust and Neil Gaiman too! But I actually replied to say that my middle name is Quinn and I was given that name because I was the fifth child. None of my siblings have names to go along with their birth order though!

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