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    I look at these! When I was little I was really dissapointed that I could never find my name but later was annoyed when I could find it. I was really jealous of my sister as she has only found her name once.

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    I was always so disappointed as a kid when I couldn't find my name (Caroline, so in the top 200 at that point) Carolyn always had a keychain, mug, etc...
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    Nope, because they only tend to list the top 20 names :/

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    My name was almost always there. My brother had a harder time and my in laws and OH can never find their name other than Leo and Lucy. Clay can find his sometimes but not often.

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    I try to look for them. If and when I have kids, it'd be cool to give them one with their name on it. Plus, I'm a collector of keychains, so I'm always looking

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