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    Do you ever look for your favorite names on keychains?

    I was at an amusement park yesterday and I couldn't pass up the chance to check out the keychains and see if they had any of my favorite names. I was shocked. They didn't have ANY! And I'm a little irked by this fact because none of my favorite names are weird or misspelled or anything like that - Rosemary, Marlowe, Seth, Lewis...
    I mean, they're not common, but they're not uncommon either, are they? I can slightly understand them not having Marlowe. And maybe Lewis, it is slightly dated. But Rosemary was slightly surprising. They didn't even have Rose or Rosie or anything like that. And Seth is the one that surprised me the most. It's the most popular name that I like and I'm surprised that they didn't have it.

    So...I don't know. I'm not sure how to feel about it. If they didn't have my name, I'd probably be bugged. Do you think it's that big of a deal? And do they ever have your favorite names on keychains?

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    It doesn't bother me but I'm sure it's disappointing for a little kid, especially if their siblings can find personalised items but they can't. Things with your name on were really cool when I was little- keyrings, mugs, door plaques, stickers, notepads, Alice bands etc. My brothers, with their perennially popular biblical names, had no trouble whatsoever finding this stuff, but I hardly ever found things as my name is a classic spelt slightly differently (e.g. Rebecca/Rebekah). I had to put up with things with the wrong spelling on

    I was looking at a stand with keyrings on the other day and couldn't even find the alternate spelling of my name. Didn't look for my favourites but I'm sure they'd have been there. That's one of the positivies of more popular names From the looks of it, they choose the top 100 or so names for each gender and manufacture stuff with only these names. Makes sense in terms of sales, but a bit annoying for everyone with less popular names.

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    They rarely have my whole name on anything and they never have my nickname. I've not bothered for looking for any of my favourites. They're all too uncommon or too foreign!

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    It can't be economically advantageous to make more than one or two hundred names, so they'll pick the ones people are most likely to buy, i.e., common names. So assuming they make 100 different names available, they'd pick about the current top 25 for each gender, which is already half of the total allotted. Then they'd add in names that were very common recently but have fallen off the top- Jennifer, Rebecca, Brandon, etc. and possibly the names of their own children, depending on the size of the company (I have relatives who do that with math textbooks.)

    Lewis hasn't been in the top 100 since 1936, Rosemary since 1949, and, although Seth was in the top 100 as recently as 2005, it's never broken the top 50. I don't think you can expect to regularly find your favorite names on keychains unless your favorites are all in the top 20!

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    My problem as a child - they nearly always offered my name, but had often sold out. UK data only goes back to 1996 and it's been top 10 ever since then, so there was a heck of a lot of Sophies buying up named stuff out there back when I was growing up, it seems. One of my sisters has a variant spelling of a name that has never been that popular in either spelling - it's peak was just inside the top 500 - and rarely found her name in either spelling. My other sister has a name that was top 50 in the UK the year she was born but has dropped to just inside the top 500 now, and she can sometimes get her name. Popularity totally affects what you can get with your name on.

    I do like looking at the names on offer, just out of curiosity to see what's popular, but I don't look for my favourites as most of them are pretty popular anyway so it's likely they'd be on some things.

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