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    If You Could Choose Your Nickname, What Would It Be?

    Unfortunately, not all of us can choose our nicknames. I have been a Jaz and a Jazzy all my life, and I don't like it at all. But it has stuck, and it will most likely be stuck forever.

    What would you nickname yourself?
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    I quite like the idea of Lily as a nickname for Olivia. People have done it for Elizabeth, so why not? However, it's not as intuitive as Liv. Or Livvy. Sigh.
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    My name is Amanda, and that's all I've ever been called. I think I'd like to go by Mandy or even Manny, but no nicknames like that have ever stuck. I've always just been Amanda. Not that I'm complaining, of course, I like it just fine - I just think I'd make a great Manny.
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    My name is Julia, and the nickname I get the most is Julsie, which is odd. I've always wanted to be a Jules, and even considered changing my name. However, it's never caught on.
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    My name is Eleni, which for most people is impossible to pronounce. I've always wished that Ellie had caught on, because I get so many pronunciations of my name that I respond to almost anything. And Ellie is cute but it can be mature to, so I can see why it has become popular. But I guess my name suits me so I don't need one.
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