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    Eva - classic or trendy?

    I know it's been increasing in popularity in recent years, but I still view it as a classic name with a lot of beauty. But will it be a name that dates her to a child of the 2010s in future, or be a perennial classic?

    Also, how likely do you think the nn Evie is?

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    I think it's hard to say whether Eva will stick around or bottom out. I could see all of the Ev/Av names being associated with this time period, as it is such a dominant sound. Then again, Eva is used in classic literature, and thus could appeal to parents in every generation.
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    I thought the use of Eva was pretty trendy until I found out I had a great aunt Eva born around 1900. Now I think of it as more of a classic name. As t nicknames, I think Evie can be avoided, definitely. My friend plays a character on our website named Eva for about eight years and no one has ever called her Evie.

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    I love the name Eva so I may be biased but I think it is a very classic name! It's one of those names I wish people would stop using because I don't want it to become über-popular!

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    Eva's beautiful. A good friend of mine is using it for her daughter, and I think it's more classic than trendy. Evie as a given name is trendy.
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