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    I like Alice Eve the best, but I should put it out there that it is the name of an English actress (full name is Alice Sophia Eve, her last name being Eve). I like the flow of Alice Evening better, but it depends on your last name. Alice Rue is cute , but I feel like there should be an extra syllable somewhere...

    I agree with pps that Alice needs a longer middle name for it to flow.

    Alice Genevieve
    Alice Eloise (Alice Eve as a nickname?)
    Alice Junia
    Alice Indigo
    Alice Quinn
    Alice Vivienne
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    Alice Eve sounds best, but it is the name of an actress. I am guessing her name is Alice Eve Lastname, but she dropped Lastname.
    Something longer would probably flow better with your last name.
    Alice Evelyn
    Alice Aveline
    Alice Evaleen
    Alice Evangeline
    Alice Evadne
    Alice Evanthe
    Alice Evonne/Yvonne
    Alice Yvaine
    Alice Yvette
    Alice Everly
    Alice Avery
    Alice Avalon

    *Googled her - Her name is Alice Sophia Eve

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    Alice is one of my favorite girls name. My personal combination is Alice Camille.

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    Thank you all for your input! I really like some of the three syllable middle name suggestions, so maybe we'll start thinking in that direction.

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