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    I am not a fan. It seems very trendy. To me, it is along the lines of Gabriella, Gianna, Arianna. Just not a style I am fond of.

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    We're going with the spelling Elliana and pronunciation "El-ee-ah-na." Love it!

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    I know two Elianas, both about my age (mid-20s). They both pronounce it El-ee-ah-na. Doesn't feel trendy to me, but it's not my thing.
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    I don't like the ah-na prn at all, I find it very nasally. And I don't like the nickname Ellie much either. Guess this is the sort of name I'd never ever end up liking, sorry. There's nothing wrong with it as a name per se, though it does come across a little trendy, I just don't like it.

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    Yes I like Eliana and would prn it el-ee-ah-na. I do prefer the spelling Elleana.

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