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    The trouble with Ransom

    We are book lovers, no doubt about it. Our children's names contain at least one literary reference from a book or story special to us. Papa Owlett's favorite series ever is C.S. Lewis's Prelandra. The protagonist is one Elwin Ransom.

    If this babe is a boy DH would love to use Ransom (he prefers it over Elwin). I would probably love it (it gained no little popularity in the same time period as our daughters' names, references a favorite character, not too common) but I just can't get past the criminal connotations. It doesn't seem to bother him one bit.

    I donno. Can you guys either help me love it or give us straight reason to lay it to rest?
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    Ransom means a sum of money demanded for freeing a captive. Why on earth would that be a good name? Just saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Ransom means a sum of money demanded for freeing a captive.
    I'm afraid this is the only thing that sprang to my mind too.
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    I do think that kidnapping comes to mind when I hear the name. I'm sure that you can talk with your husband about other stories that have moved you, or what parts of Prelandra meant something to you. Lewis itself is very nice. Maybe each take a sheet of paper and write out images that stuck with you most from the story. Maybe you will find a name somewhere in that?

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    I actually really like Ransom, and have known 2 Ransoms... perhaps because of that I don't think of a criminal ransom. Also, when I was a kid I read a book about the Civil War and Andersonville Prison called "Red Cap", where the main character was named Ransom. I see this as a lot less worrying than some names I've seen floating around on the boards lately... but if you have any concerns, why not consider putting it as a mn? That way he'll have a choice whether to pull it out and use it, or simply bury it away...
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