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    Positive thoughts about Lawrence!

    My husband and I had made up our minds that if this baby is a boy he will be Lawrence Gavin Charles, with the nickname Lance or Law. Recently I have met 4 men named Lawrence/Laurence, they are all age 50+ and got by Larz or Larry. I trying not to have problem with it but I am worried that other people are going to think that we are giving our baby a dated name. I just need some reassurance that A) it's not dated, B) the nicknames we chose work, and C) it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
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    I love it! Definitely not dated and anyway, who cares? I really like Larry as a nickname btw!

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    I really like it and I don't feel it dated as I only know men/boys called Lawrence under the age of 30. I really like Lance and Law as nickname for a Lawrence and honestly I don't think you should worry what other people think anyway. Not everyone is going to like the name you chose but the important thing is that you and your husband do.

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    I really like Lawrence, and Law is a great nickname.

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    I oddly don't know any Lawrences, but it is one of my fav names. It brings to mind a chivalrous, thoughtful, obedient, and studious boy. I also think of the Civil War colonel, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain... who was quite intelligent and heroic (and a professor before the war). Larry is a bit dated to me, so I'd avoid that nn... However, Law and Lance are both really great names. I also really like Lars as a nn. I find it to be a refreshing choice, as it's vintage but neither overused nor does it shout "I'm trying to be cool by naming my kid something crazy unique!" For me, it hits the happy medium...
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