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    I used Lawrence as a character name for a young man in my book I don't see it as old at all. Also, in their world their Shakespeare was a guy called Lawrence 'Lorry' Osgood.

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    Lawrence is more of a classic name than a dated name because it has been around for centuries. (It is far more like a Michael than a Jason.)
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    Lawrence is great! A- It's not dated. Will always be great. B- Your NN choices are solid. Lance and Law are nice (Larz and Larry I don't like as much, especially Larry, don't like that one much at all). C- Don't worry what other's think, but honestly, very few people will think negatively about this name. Some people may not love it as much as you do, but it's a hard name to not at least have respect for.
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    Thank you all for your positivity! We really love the name Lawrence so it feels good to get positive feedback. I think I will still worry myself silly about names until out little bundle is here though, haha.
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    My grandfathers name was Lawrence Hershel. I always get warm fuzzies for this name as it brings back so many good memories of a laid back, hilarious, and hardworking man. I know this may be the opposite of "no, its not an old man name" reassurance, but I think it is a classic name that only has positive connotations for me.
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