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  • Margot Lillian Gwyneth

    21 31.82%
  • Lillian Gwyneth Pearl

    25 37.88%
  • Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth

    15 22.73%
  • Margot Cecily Joyce

    22 33.33%
  • Cordelia Cecily Joyce

    8 12.12%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll: Getting to a final three

    Please pick your favourite from the names and if you have time leave a comment

    Poll is open so you can choose more than one, but please give comments if you do so =) thank you xx

    For anyone who doesn't know my story.
    I am renaming my baby - long , complicated story - but that is what is happening.

    (Seems to be alot of it on this page recently)

    Trying to get down to a final three by tomorrow.

    If you have your own suggestions for a combination please feel free but must use the names here already as they are all significant and/or family names.

    Thanks for your time, it really is appreciated xxx
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    I voted for Margot Lillian Gwyneth because I simply love all three of those names the best. My second choice would be for Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth. Good luck and best wishes on finding a new name that you love.

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    I voted for Margot Cecily Joyce. All three names are elegant but not overly flowery. This one has just the right amount of old-fashioned literary luster, but her feet are on the ground and her eyes are pointed straight forward. Crisp and strong.

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    I voted for Margot Cecily Joyce. I am just a huge fan of Margot; it's one of my top names. It sounds lovely combined with Cecily Joyce. I am not sure what you are changing your daughter's name from, though. I tried to look it up in past posts, but I don't know if that info is available. Anyway, it may help to know what didn't work the first time around.

    BTW, all of the options are very, very gorgeous. I think my favorite arrangement of your names would be Margot Cecilia Pearl.
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    I voted for Beatrice Lillian Gwyneth as Beatrice is my favourite name on your list! I also like Margot Cecily Joyce as my second choice think this flows really well!
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