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Thread: Clover

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    I'm not a fan. Sorry, but Clover is still out in the field chomping on grass with Ermintrude, Marigold and Daisy. It's also a brand name over here which makes it unusable. IMO, it's a pet name or middle name only :/

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    BFF used it as her daughter's middle name. I think it's cute, but maybe too cute to be a first name for a human. Can you imagine an adult named Clover? It would be a really great name for a bunny, though! (I have a pet rabbit - I'm bunny-obsessed.)

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    I think it has that association for some, but Elsie, Cleo, Felix, Daisy, Max, even Chloe & Ellie could be heavily associated with various animals and people manage to wear them happily as well.

    I think Clover is cute, maybe a little too cute for my tastes, but not bad. It could always be a nickname for Chloe, Claudia, Claudie, ect if you don't feel certain. Or something like Anna Clover who is mostly called Clover?

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    I think it's going to be more popular now that there's the Hunger Games character Clove. Personally, I love the name, but I can't see it on a grown woman, say on a job application. I guess I'd have to put it in a middle names only category, but if you love the name and can make it work for you, then go for it!
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    I've liked Clover since I read the 'What Katy Did' books when I was little. She was always my favourite sister because she was clever and prim and sensible, like me I'd use it.

    That was an odd sibset now that I think about it:

    Katherine (Katy), Clover, Elsie, Theodore (Dorry), Joanna (Johnnie) and Philip (Phil).

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