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Thread: Clover

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    Hi everyone! Can I get an opinion on Clover? I really like it and DH loves it (no baby on the way but we have been doing some serious name talk recently). However I'm hearing mixed things...mostly that Clover seems rather bovine. Or like a dog/rabbit/cat name. This is not my association with it at all, nor DH's, but I want to get a wider consensus. An acquaintance of mine recently named her baby Clover and it is perfect for their family and seems very normal to me because of them. But maybe it is actually really too associated with animals? Coincidentally I also had a childhood hamster I named Clover...but she ended up with about 4 other names and nicknames in her short life span because I was a name nerd from birth and couldn't resist. Still, it's a little weird to think about a daughter sharing her name with my first pet. (And Clover the hamster was not a particularly nice pet...she bit me all the time.)

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    One of my top names for sure. I tried on numerous occasions to convince SO about this one to no avail. One of my best friends said it was too 'My Little Pony', and I remembered that I indeed owned that very pony 20 years ago!
    I still love it. I may use it on a future pet at this point.
    I think it'll become more acceptable over time. For now, it's still a bit on the 'hipster' or 'out-there' scale to most.
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    It's cute and I can see it being used these days, but I personally prefer Clove, even though that might be too Hunger Games at the moment.
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    I like Clover. It is still on the 'hipster' side of things, but I also thinks it makes a nice alternative to the overly popular Chloe.

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    The mayor of the major city we live very near is a Clover. Some people locally dislike it for political associations but I've never heard bitching about the name itself. I like it. It's a nice botanical Chloe alternative. And I like the Esther/Briar/Vesper sort of names that end in an r but aren't occupational.

    And as the wife of a man who is fond of Erin, Clare, and Saoirse, I could see Clover being used as a bit of a salute (not a classic choice but a reference) for those of Irish heritage.

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