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    What do you name baby number 2 when you don't like any other family names?

    Question... DD is named after my mother who I am very close with. We are trying for baby #2 and I am wondering what names to consider. I don't really fancy any other family names. Also I wouldn't want my other children to feel as they were not as special. I want all my children to have names near and dear to me.
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    I don't think naming child #1 for your mom means you must name child #2 after someone as well. Choose a name that you like.

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    Personally I would pick a name from the same era as your mom's name to help connect them. You could also use variations of other family names like Charlotte for a Charles, or just use family names for middles with first names you love.
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    Personally I like some of my family names gender-swapped. Vastly increases the palette of "family names" - which is to say, some would feel they don't count but they count to me.

    Two of my cousins seem to agree with me; one has named a girl after a great-grandfather and another has named a boy after a great-grandmother.

    I also think that if your issue is wanting a story, significance, etc. beyond "I like the sound" you could consider some personal heroes or inspirations outside your family tree. "your sister is named after your grandmother, who I am so close with, and you were named after your father's personal hero/the teacher who inspired him/my favourite musician..." etc. It would maintain a level of "reason" but doesn't have to be as linear as your mother and then his mother or whatever.

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    I can totally relate!! My husband and I are ttc and we are in deep trouble regarding this same issue! If the baby is a girl, we have lots of options, but if is is another little boy, we have already used the names we loved from both my side and my husband's! I'm very committed to finding other family names we can use. Some other posters made excellent points- you can look for names out side your family tree, and incorporate close friends who feel like family, you can use last names or maiden names, or you can use unisex names. Another suggestions is to try and use a name that means the same thing as another name you like, and that can sometimes open up a few more options for you. If all of these fail to produce any useful results, try to let go of using a family name, and just focus on finding a name that you love. You will be surprised at what happens when you stop trying to force a name to come from a certain list, and allow it to come more organically. That is ultimately what helped us. By giving up the 'list', I then found a name a liked that was on our family tree all along! Good luck!!

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