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    Isadora finally has a baby sister! And her name is....

    Thanks Berries, for all who helped contribute opinions on the name decision for Isadora's sister. It was sooooo tough to decide between Araminta, Octavia, and Georgiana. Every week we changed our minds, and I was actually getting quite worried and anxious about it. I ended up waiting till the final hour of the actual birth. When she came into our world I took one look at her and knew she was my gorgeous Georgiana. It just fit, and hubby and I agreed instantly

    Her full name is Georgiana Pearl....and I adore her.

    I know that Pearl is on the run to be a popular middle-name, and we are OK with that. There are enough uncommon names in our family that we can handle it ;-)

    I think we are done with child-bearing...but IF there was one more girl....she would be an Araminta....I think, lol.
    Mother to Isadora

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    Congratulations-- Georgiana Pearl is a lovely name!

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    Congratulations! I completely understand changing your mind every week and knowing when you see the baby. I'm glad you found your fit.
    **Annabelle Rose and Charles Frederick have completed our little family.**

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    What a beautiful name! Congratulations!

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    Georgiana Pearl is just lovely! Congratulations on another beautiful girl!

    I love the name Pearl and I will most likely be using it for the middle name of my baby girl. We actually considered Georgia Pearl for this baby!?

    I am also having the same dilemma as we cannot decide on our new baby girls name- big sister is Violet Eve. I'm hoping that I get the same feeling as you once I meet my little one.......good luck with your girls xx

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