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    Anna and Emma are pretty close even if you are going to use Annie as a nn. I like the suggestion of Anna and Molly or Sadie. Also, what about Anna and Esme, Ellen, Edith, Elise, Beth, Tess, Nell, Phoebe, Clare, Rose, Jane, Grace, Ruth, or Mae? These all work well with your sibset.

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    My vote is def for Sadie and Molly!!! So sweet with Ruby and Lucy!
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    Sadie and Molly are perfect! Anna and Emma are pretty matchy but I could deal with that if you weren't going to call Anna "Annie" which would leave Emma out of the "ee" ending sound pattern of the rest of the girls. To me, that would be the biggest problem with Anna and Emma. Also, Anna and Emma are both pretty popular and have a soft image, whereas Ruby is more fiery. Sadie and Molly would fit in way better. Good luck!
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    I know the "ee" ending for four girls would be a little cheesy, but my husband thinks that they all need to "go together".

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    I do think that Anna and Emma are too close in sound, but if you are going call Anna "Annie" then I don't think it is a problem! Annie and Emma are awfully cute together!

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