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Thread: Rex & Leo

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    Rex & Leo

    So, I don't know the gender of my twins yet, but what do you think of Rex & Leo? My daughters are Ruby and Lucy, so I really like that it's two R names, two L names, two four letter names, and two three letter names. The balance really appeals to me. Do you prefer Leo & Felix, that's the other pairing I'm thinking of at the moment.

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    I think they go together nicely. However, I immediately thought "Lion King" as those are the meanings. They also go well with your girls' names.
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    I prefer Rex to Felix.

    My favourite other three letter boys names are Ari, Eli, and Fox. I did think "king of the jungle" with Leo and Rex together but I don't know that it's a problem. (Or odder than Leo & Ari, which would both be lions).

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    I prefer Felix to Rex.

    Leo & Rex don't really go together; Leo is dashing and classic to me, whereas Rex is a dog name, sorry (and perhaps my mind is in the gutter, but all I can see is 'sex'). Rex would also look like the odd one out in a sibset of Ruby, Lucy, Leo & Rex in my opinion. I like the symmetry you've got going on with the names though, but I'm not keen on the repeating first letters.

    Max is similar to Rex and I think it's a much better fit. Do you like that at all?

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    Yeah, Rex is not "sassy" to me like Leo or Felix. But Felix seems to be a little more elegant that the more casual vibe of Ruby and Lucy. What about Frank, Fred, Stan, Jack, Ned, Judd, or Ward instead?

    Some other possibilities:

    Ruby, Lucy, and

    Frank & Stan
    George & Jack
    Hugo & Bruce
    Rufus & Isaac
    Milo & Bram

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