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    Hypothetical Future Sister for Maura

    My husband is of Irish heritage; his first name is Kevin and our last name is Irish and starts with Mc_____. He would like all of our children to have Irish(ish) names.

    Our first child is named Maura Lucille. Maura is the Irish form of Mary, but this is the anglisized spelling (Kevin wanted to use the correct Irish spelling, but 1) no one would know how to pronounce it and 2) his name isn't the Irish spelling either, so we went with my choice). Lucille is after my grandmother.

    If she had been a boy, we had chosen the name Patrick (we actually met on St. Patrick's Day) with my maiden name as the middle, which is the tradition in my husband's family. We will use that name if we ever have a son, but I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for if our 2nd child is a girl? I think we would like to use Helen as the middle name, after my husband's grandmother.

    Names we are considering: Colleen (I love it, but hubby is meh), Brigid/Bridget (he suggested it, but I'm not sure), and Siobhan (I HATE it, but he loves it).

    Names we can't consider: Maeve and Fiona - they're already used in my family.

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    I know an Irish family who have Shea, Donovan, Regan (f), Brynn, and twins Maura and Liam. I think their sibset works well together and any of those names would also go with Maura for you.

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    I appreciate your suggestions!

    Unfortunately, my husband will nix any name that's traditionally an Irish surname. Our last name is very popular as a girl's given name now and he's bitter about it for some reason LOL! So, the first 3 are no-gos.

    Brynn is nice, but it rhymes with my first name (Kathryn) and that's a little too matchy-matchy for me. Also, it's actually Welsh, not Irish (if he'll settle for a Welsh name, I want Gwen or Cerys!)

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    How about

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