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    Classy & cool :)

    Looking for names that are simple, feminine and sophisticated. I would like the name to age well but not necessarily have that old lady feel if that makes sense. Not looking for anything trendy or made up. I prefer a name that will stand the test of time. Please include a short description of what you like about each name. Thank you and I look forward to hearing your responses

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    Odette- the good swan from swan lake (I believe), it is simple and sleek though it does sound like 'odious'.
    Harper- It is pretty popular but it is a classic. Think Harper Lee
    Diana- Goddess of the moon. I think it is really beautiful but understated (Artemis is also the name for the moon goddess though I'm not sure which one is greek and which one is roman).

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    Cora was the first name that popped to mind! Here's what I thought of.

    Cora: Simple, sweet name that is old-fashioned yet seems very bright.
    Eliza: Spunky but not frilly. However, its trendiness is alarming...
    Ella: See Eliza.
    Fiona: A very cute name with a lot of punch.
    Jade: Short but beautiful. Jade brings to mind a cool, minty green marbly image for me.
    Isla: A really cool name.
    Eva/Eve: Lively with nice references, these two names are really pretty.

    Good luck!
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    Jane was my first thought!

    Jane - The queen of the 'little black dress' names. It's strictly feminine without all those frilly vowels and elaborate endings. Short and to the point.
    Eve - Simple and delicate and the time of day is one of my favorites
    Mary - Some people think this is dated, but I think it's young and fresh, especially if it's double barreled with a fun name.
    Bonnie - I think of a sweet little pioneer girl that is always looking for an adventure. It's also one of the few 'nicknamey' names that has enough substance to stand alone, imo.
    Ivy - The vibe this name gives off is amazing. For some reason, this name feels vintage to me, even though it probably isn't .
    Rose - Very sophisticated and sleek. I think it's the romantic name without the frills and fluff.
    Charlotte - Popular at the moment, but Lottie is too adorable to pass up! I think of Elizabeth and Charlotte from Pride and Prejudice.
    Elizabeth - Can't have Charlotte without her best friend, can we? Lizzy can be morphed into so many variations and nicknames, there's something cool in her for everyone.
    Lydia - Another Jane Austen name, but I love the musical syllables this name has. Very fun and flirty.
    Susannah - I imagine a curly haired girl in her Sunday dress, playing the piano. Susannah is so soft and I think the 'h' ending makes it even more old-fashioned and vintage.
    Helena - A classy name with a lot of personality in it. I think it's younger than Helen, but with the same amount of classiness.
    Daphne - I think this is super sleek and fun. She could be a sporty girl or a fashionista.
    Delphine - Sleek with a tropical feel to it.
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    These names all have that country club classy feel to me but with a cool edge. I also think family surname sounding names fit the classy/cool description
    Sloan, Harper, Arden

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