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    We're still just TTC so no congratulations yet but hopefully soon. We do have some clunky names on there like Winifred and Sybil (Agnes, Edith, Florence) not sure how well they work compared to Lilla and Vivienne but they are definitely vintage.

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    I think that Abigail, Agnes, Felicity, Rosamund and Sybil all sound good with Lilla and Vivienne.
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    I'm glad to see a lot of different names being mentioned here looks like we are heading in the right direction

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    So after our lunch date we narrowed it down to 3 groups
    1. Eloise and Sylvie - Very French
    2. Eleanor and Penelope - Very safe
    3. Edith and Winifred - Very Vintage

    1. We love both of these names. The problem we have with Eloise is where do you go from there? If we have Lilla, Vivienne and Eloise then we feel like next would have to be something equally french/feminine like Juliet or Adelaide and we just don't love the options we are left with.

    2.We decided to pass on group 2 because while we love these names and keep coming back to them we also keep feeling like they aren't quite right because we don't like the nicknames or the popularity and we think it is because they are the safe/common option.

    3. We love both of these names as well, but Winifred is a bit heavier than Edith and poses the same where do we go from here problem as Eloise

    So we are left with Edith and Sylvie. We hope to have 4 girls one day so we are very excited about Lilla, Vivienne, Edith and Sylvie with possible brother Jasper. Very vintage and slightly french.

    Thanks for all the help!

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