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    Fourth daughter--stuck for a name.

    We have three girls: Genevieve Irene, Veronica Jeanne, and Eleanor Louise. We call them Evie (eh-vee), Vera (vee-rah), and Nora.

    Our thoughts for baby girl 4 due in Septemeber:

    Camille (nickname Cami or Millie, current front-runner)
    Dorothea (nickname Thea)
    Vanessa (nickname Nessa)
    I always come back to Cecelia, but our niece's nickname is Cece, so I'm not sure what we'd do for a nickname.

    We like the names Charlotte, Madeline, Magdalena, Lillian, and Josephine, but they're all names of my cousin's kids, so I don't really want to use those.

    Just wondering if there were any names that we might not be thinking of, or if some external ear would have a reaction to the names we're considering.

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