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    Susannah or Celeste?


    I have 2 names in mind for a future daughter and I would appreciate any feedback or additional suggestions on these names. DH and I thankfully like similar names so he usually just goes with that I think will work best...Right now I love Celeste Rosalind and Susannah Maeve. Last name is a 1 syllable nature name. We have 2 girls whose names are Roxanne Coraline and Vera Adelaide. I was initially thinking that I wanted the same 2-3-1 pattern but realized that it just wouldn't matter when they get older and aren't always around their siblings. We have had a boys name picked for years so that isn't a is always the girls names that are the most challenging.

    What do you think? Do they both work? Is one better than the other??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Love Celeste and it goes with you daughters names!

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    Both are great names. I have a soft spot for Susannah though... Before I met my fiancé it was "my" name fora future daughter, unfortunately he has an Aunt and cousin named Susan and Suzanne who are not good people so it is no longer usable for me sadly. but anyway, I love the classic elegance of Susannah but Celeste is a lovely, underused name as well. My only fear of Celeste with a "nature" last name is that it might sound a little too wordy or hippyish.

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    I love both names but since you already have a Roxanne I wouldn't choose Susannah (too similar). I think Celeste would be wonderful with older sisters named Roxanne and Vera. It's has a soft and delicate sound but it doesn't feel weak. I love the ethereal quality to it. Only name nerds would know that Celeste means "heavenly" so I wouldn't worry about it being too wordy with your nature surname.
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    I love both names, but I think Celeste works best with Roxanne and Vera. My only issue with your combo is that Celeste's initials would be Roxanne's initials inverted. That is a minor thing, though, that probably wouldn't bother the majority.
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