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    Orson and Amias!!!

    We had a very difficult time finding a name we loved just as much as we love Orson Chandler, but just like that, it hit us Amias Parker would be his name!
    On May 29th at 8:51pm we welcomed baby Amias into the world! We love that both Orson and Amias stand alone as strong names but each with it's own very distinctive masculine sounds. I adore the two names together as well. Nothing rings sweeter in my ears than Orson and Amias. We gave Orson the middle name Chandler as I am an only child and it's my maiden name. We chose to give our second son the middle name Parker. It's my mother's maiden name : ) I love that both the boys have unique first names, family from their maternal side and of course we all share the awesome last name Luck. We're thrilled with our name selections and are over joyed by the birth of our second Son, Amias Parker Luck. Thank you for all of your help and inspiration. Happy naming!

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    Congrats! Amias and Orson are both awesome choices, and they're great together, too.
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    Congratulations! Orson and Amias are lovely together.

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    Congratulations! Amais and Orson are such stately and handsome names! I love your story and the wonderful family heritage that you gave your boys! Amais Parker and Orson Chandler will be very proud of their parents someday!
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    I love Amias! Orson and Amias are great together, and I love how meaningful their names are. Congratulations!

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