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    Not coming up with anything new, but I like the previous suggestions of Abraham (Abe), Ezekiel (Zeke), and Phillip (Flip).
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    I really like Reuben nn Benno or Cassius nn Cash!

    How about:

    Donovan Gregory nn Don or Donny or Van
    Marlon Gregory nn Arlo

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    From you list I definitely prefer Theodore NN Theo or Teddy. But I really really like the suggestions of Rafael (NN maybe Raf/Raffi) and Cassius (NN Cash or Cas), especially when paired up with Dominic (NN Nico).
    How about:
    Evander (NN Van or Ander)
    Everett (NN Rhett)
    Augustus/Augustine (NN Gus or Auggie)
    Soloman (NN Sol/Saul)
    Osias/Ozias (NN Oz or Si)
    Darius (NN Dare)
    Lionel (NN Leo)
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    I love Raphael nn Raffy/Raf!

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    I also like the suggestions of Theodore Rafael... I'd avoid names ending with an N to go with your surname...

    Malcolm, nn Mac or Colm
    Abraham, nn Abe or Bram
    Rafferty, nn Raf or Rafe
    Beckett, nn Beck
    Ephraim, nn Ram
    Frederick, nn Rick, Erick, Derick, Fred, Freddy,
    Jericho, nn Rico
    Julius, nn Jules
    Oleander, nn Anders, Olly
    Lindell, nn Dell
    Malachy, nn Mac, Kai
    Montgomery, nn Murray
    Lorenzo, nn Enzo
    Anthony, nn Ant
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