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    Longish name with short, quirky nickname - help

    As the title says, that's what we're looking for in a boy's name, but we just can't find one we love, like we did with Nico's name.

    Ones we've considered but are not 100% on are:

    Reuben nn Benno
    Sebastian nn Sebby
    Theodore nn Theo or Teddy
    Nathaniel nn Nate

    Middle name will be Gregory, and surname will be two syllables, J____son.

    Hoping this one will be a girl in that we've got a top three girl names already sorted (see my signature). If it's a boy it looks like he'll have a middle and no first at this rate.
    My two bundles of love, Dominic Joseph and Tabitha Faye

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    I love Theodore Gregory, nn Theo/Teddy! I like all of your name options, actually.

    Have you considered Gregory as a fn? Grey or Rory would be great quirky nn replacements for the usual Greg.

    Other ideas:
    Augustine/August-Gus, Auggie
    Jeremy-Jem, Remy
    Cornelius-Cory, Neil
    Christopher-Chip, Topher

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    Gregory's a name we're using to honour a relative on OH's side, it would mean two Gregory J___sons which I don't want if we used it as a first, so we're keeping it middle only.

    I like Jeremy but not sure if Jeremy J___son sounds a bit cartooney, so I've taken it off. I like Zeke, but is Ezekial overly religious? We're not really that religious at all (son is baptised but we don't go to church except at Christmas) so would it seem odd? Oliver's nice but a friend has a son by that name and also it's mega-popular where I am. I also like Frederick nn Freddie.
    My two bundles of love, Dominic Joseph and Tabitha Faye

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    I was actually going to suggest Nathaniel! I really like Theodore with Dominic/Nico, too!! Other ideas:

    Charles Gregory nn Arlo (I know Charles isn't so long, but Arlo is so sweet with Nico!)
    Hamilton Gregory nn Milo, Hammy
    Bartholomew Gregory nn Tolly (too long?)
    Tolliver Gregory nn Tolly
    Raphael Gregory nn Rafe
    Thaddeus Gregory nn Thad, Tad, Teo [Tay-o]
    Maccallister Gregory, Macadam Gregory nn Mac
    Marshall Gregory, Marston Gregory, Marsden Gregory nn Mars
    Barrett Gregory nn Bear or Rhett
    Matthias Gregory nn Matt, Theo/Teo (depending on pronunciation)
    Lawrence/Laurence Gregory nn Law, Ren, Lorne
    Lionel Gregory nn Lio [like Leo?]
    Alistair Gregory nn Ali, Ace

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