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    This is a family name both my mother and grandmother's middle name. They pronounce it mel-EE-tah. I don't know anything about it and have only found that it might also be the name of some plants from Australia. It's on my list as a family name but I'd like to know more about it if anyone can help me find something.

    Oh and what do you think of the spelling compared with the pronunciation? TIA

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    Re: Meletia

    Is your family Greek? I'm thinking that maybe "Meletia" may have been derived from the classical Greek name "Melete" (meaning "practice" as in devotion to one's studies in the musical arts). When tracking down the possible origin of a family name, it helps to know the ethnicity.

    As for the spelling of this name, I would not have guessed that it's pronounced with a "-tah" ending from the actual "tia" ending of the name.

    -- Nephele

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    Re: Meletia

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure about the heritage. I know there is Native American but other then that not much. My grandmother was raised in foster care so she doesn't know where the name came from and the pronunciation she only heard a few times.

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    Re: Meletia

    I think the name is pretty, but unusual. How about Melania or Melina?

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    ok so my name actualy happens to be meletia it is pronounced mel-EE-tah and its origns greek it means sweet as honey.. but it get mispronounced alot it aparently has a spanidh meaning some type of flower but other than that i dont know

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