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Thread: Amelie!

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    i think this a beautiful name

    what do you think ?

    my favorite combo is Amelie Winter Rose

    thanks in advance

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    I have an Amelie (she's 4) so naturally I think its beautiful. I'm not in love with Amelie Winter Rose.. Winter Rose sounds like a description to me. However swapping one of the names for something else would balance it out, for example Amelie Winter Faye or Amelie Louisa Rose. Know what I mean?

    Good luck!

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    Your daughter's name is really gorgeous!
    I really love Amelie Winter Faye even more than Amelie Winter Rose!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I have grown to quite love Amelie. I used to find it a bit overrated and not terribly appealing (I admit, part of it was that I was saying it wrong!) and just not my style in general, but my best friend was named Amelie, and she passed away December 2011, and since her passing, she (and her name) have become so much more dear to me as I've realized what I have really lost from my life. She went by the nn Millie, and I think Amelie nn Millie is adorable. I am slightly bothered by the Winter Rose thing, but I do think Amelie Winter Rose works very well as a combo--it's quite ethereal and gorgeous. I think something like Amelie Winter Jane would be lovely, too.
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    I was also thinking something like Amelie Winter Jane! Its just so lovely!
    I never thought about Winter Rose problem but I can imagine why you are bothered with that

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