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    Irmine: Yea or nay?

    Tossing around the idea of naming our first child Irmine (if the little babe turns out to be a girl). Nick-names abound; there's the obvious, Irma, but also Mina or Irminie.

    Preliminary searches on the usual suspect sites have not yielded much. What do you all think? First impressions, etc.?

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    Not really a fan. It sounds like it should be a kind of insect...
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    Are you of German heritage? How are you pronouncing it? Two syllables (ER-man) or three syllables (German "EER-min-uh")? Irmine sounds heavy and "dated" to me (akin to Bertha, Hermine, Irma, Hildegard, Ermentrude/Irmingarde/Irmgard and Gertrude). Have you considered Wilhelmina nn Mina or even Ismene? Also, if you change the first letter to an "E", the name becomes Ermine which is a weasel. It's soft fur is used to make coats and other clothing.
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    My first impression is Ermine. I would pronounce them the same way so the image I get is of Venus in Furs. It reminds me of Sable. I see some appeal in both names, but I don't think they're that usable. The fur coat image is kind of sexy, lush, wintery cold/cozy warm...but I also think of weasels & of PETA.

    I like the idea of Irma or Mina though. Irma on it's own or in a hyphenated combo would be sweet. Wilhelmina could get you to Mina. I would suggest Carmilla, Carmella, Varvara, Delphine, Edna, Evangeline, Francine, Galina, Janine, Lorraine, Marina, Maren, Karen, Marietta, Marielle, Nancy, Opaline, Patricia, Patrice, Serena, Salma, Selma, Salome, Thais, Teal, Verona, Philomena?

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    Yeah looks like ermine to me. I like Irma though. Or Ermintrude if you wanted more nickname potential.

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