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    Elisabeth Kate - it's fine, prefer Elisabeth to Elizabeth
    Cassandra Vivienne - nice, especially Vivienne
    Rosalie Nicole - lovely first, terrible middle! Maybe Rosalia?
    Charlotte Lorraine - blah. Dislike Lorraine
    Catalina Lucy - very nice
    Mackinley Alice - Alice is nice, Mackinley I really don't like.
    Anneliese Scarlett - meh
    Abbigail Mackenna - dislike the middle, Abigail is nice but looks like a typo with two b's
    Hadleigh Grace - would be nice with the spelling Hadley
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    Elisabeth-Prefer Elizabeth. If you will call her Elise, I would name her Elise
    Rosalie-How about these in the middle: Maeve, Charlotte, Jane, Claire, Scarlett




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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise" - I like this, it's classic and beautiful. I really like the nn Elise with Elisabeth, which I would have never thought of using.

    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia" - Hmmm... I like both of these names they just don't seem to flow as well to me

    Rosalie Nicole (don't love this middle, but can't think of anything else) - Rosalie is gorgeous, I definitely like Rosalie, how about Rosalie Elisabeth, Rosalie Margaret, Rosalie Maeve, Rosalie Eleanor, Rosalie Catherine?

    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" (but would probably just go by Charlotte) - Charlotte Lorraine is very pretty, I would just be aware that Charlotte seems pretty popular, (maybe I'm wrong though)

    Catalina Lucy "Cate" - I like Catalina and I like Lucy, but not together. How about Catalina Lucille or Catalina Lucinda?

    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie" - I don't really like this, I like Alice, but I know many girls with the name Kinzie/Kenzie

    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie" - Cute

    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie" - I like this is it is spelled Abigail, the double b looks strange to me.

    Hadleigh Grace - Cute, but I would prefer just Hadley spelling.

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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise" - Cut!
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia" - Liking Vivienne, not Cassandra. I think it's a personal thing, though. The combo's a little long, too.
    Rosalie Nicole (don't love this middle, but can't think of anything else) - Like it! How about Rosalie Violet, Rosalie Sage, or Rosalie Claire?
    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" (but would probably just go by Charlotte) - Cute, but I'm not a fan of the fact that both have double letters.
    Catalina Lucy "Cate" - Love this! Catalina is cute and fresh, and goes well with Lucy. NN is perfect!
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie" - I'll admit, I first thought the nn doesn't make any sense. And I prefer Mckinley spelled just like that, since it's the original spelling. But Mckinley Alice is nice!
    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie" - I love your nicknames! Unfortunately, the s sound runs this name together alot, which is awkward imo.
    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie" - I agree the double b is unnecessary and odd. I prefer the spelling Mckenna, it seems less trendy. Never liked Abigail that much to start with, actually.
    Hadleigh Grace - I adore the name Hadley, but I prefer ley. I know it's traditionally the masculine spelling, but I think Hadleigh looks too trendy.

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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise" - Classic and spunky

    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia" - two wonderful names but a little long in the same combo

    Rosalie Nicole - Rosalie is pretty but I don't care for Nicole.

    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" - I love Charlotte but I don't like the flow of the l's in this combo. Lorraine Charlotte sounds better but I do prefer Charlotte as a first name. How about Charlotte Rosalie?

    Catalina Lucy "Cate" - Again, the l's are not ideal. Lucy Catalina flows better.

    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie" - Can't stand Mc/Mac names. Would you consider Alice McKinley?

    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie" - I love Anneliese but Scarlett is trendy and has too many negative associations

    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie" - Don't ruin a classic name with a teen spelling, please! How's that for honesty? Abigail Mackenna looks much better.

    Hadleigh Grace - Another terrible spelling. Hadley Grace is fine!
    All the best,

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