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    What do you think of these names? Honest opinions needed!

    What do you think of these? I would really like honest opinions... so, don't worry about sounding like a jerk or hurting my feelings. I want to know what people think of my names BEFORE they are on a birth certificate!

    Elisabeth Kate "Elise"
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia"
    Rosalie Nicole (don't love this middle, but can't think of anything else)
    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" (but would probably just go by Charlotte)
    Catalina Lucy "Cate"
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie"
    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie"
    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie"
    Hadleigh Grace
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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise"- this name reminds me of growing up, probably because there were a lot of Elisabeths and Kates when I was growing up... A classic name but a bit of a dated combo IMO
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia"- I like, I think Cassandra is pretty but don't like nn Cassie
    Rosalie Nicole- I love Rosalie, maybe Kate or Elisabeth in the middle. Or Rosalie Nicolette? Very feminine!
    Charlotte Lorraine- beautiful, Lorraine is my mom's name so I have a soft spot for it. Charlie is not my style though.
    Catalina Lucy "Cate"- Catalina reminds me of the dressing, not a huge fan.
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie"- mackinley is very trendy in my opinion, I love Alice though.
    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie"- pretty name
    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie"- I would stick with the one "b" spelling, no a fan of Mackenna. I like the combo Abigail Lucy or Abigail Vivienne
    Hadleigh Grace- I don't care for Hadleigh or Grace as a middle, sorry.

    My favorites are Charlotte, Abigail and Rosalie!

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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise" -- love it
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia" -- like it
    Rosalie Nicole (don't love this middle, but can't think of anything else) -- I agree, Rosalie is good, but not with Nicole
    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" (but would probably just go by Charlotte) -- Love it
    Catalina Lucy "Cate" -- nope, too salad dressing
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie" -- nope
    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie" -- could grow on me
    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie" -- nope
    Hadleigh Grace -- yes, but I prefer Hadley

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    Elisabeth Kate "Elise" - Classic but a little boring.
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia" - I have never understood the love for Cassandra. To me it is such an 80's name.
    Rosalie Nicole (don't love this middle, but can't think of anything else) - LOVE Rosalie. Not with Nicole though. Kate would wok so would Grace.
    Charlotte Lorraine "Charlie" (but would probably just go by Charlotte) - Meh.
    Catalina Lucy "Cate" - Lucy is good for a middle name but I agree with the salad dressing comments.
    Mackinley Alice "Kinzie" - I see spelling issues for the child. Definitely a no. Love Alice though.
    Anneliese Scarlett "Annie" - Meh
    Abbigail Mackenna "Abbie" - Nope
    Hadleigh Grace - Not bad...prefer Hadley.

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    Like Catalina Lucy
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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