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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Any name that starts with a "D" would work.
    I would agree with this, but I especially like it as a nn for names with two "Ds" like Deirdre or Deandra.

    The only DeeDee I've ever met (besides Barbie's bandmate in Barbie and the Rockers, haha) was called Delia. I've always loved that name & the Johnny Cash song, except I have heard the American store "Delia's" isn't well regarded. I've never been to one, so I can't say.
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    Diana or Dina (pronounced Deena) was what first came to mind! Sadie is cute too.
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    The only DeeDee I've known had initials DD.

    You could use alliteration such as

    Delilah Dawn
    Daphne Diana

    Thinking of D names is really hard!

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    I second Deirdre.. Also Deandra

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