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    Love Eva! I see it as more classic than trendy--the lowest it's ever ranked is 362 in America, and that was in 97. It seems so classic and beautiful and refreshing, despite the popularity of Ava and Evie names.

    Eva is so short already--I would think you could avoid the nn Evie. I do like Eva nn Evie, but if you don't like it, it seems pretty avoidable. I mean, it seems pretty pointless to use a nn for such a short name already.
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    Eva is a form of Eve so I think it's a pretty classic name. I would be more inclined to say that Ava will be associated with a certain decade than Eva ever could be. Evie is nickname that is currently trendy in some areas of the world (eg. England).
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    I see Eva as more classic than trendy, especially since it will never reach Ava's heights, so I don't think it will be as timestamped to this era. If you're very worried about the two names' similarities, though, you could consider Eve which is further removed from the 'trendiness.'

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    I would say that Eva is a classic that is trendy right now. It's gone up 275 spot in the past 15 years but it never got that low. I pronounce Eva with a long E and Evelyn with a short E so Evie wouldn't be a logical nn for Eva. My grandmother is Evie and it's short for Evelyn. If I heard Evie I would assumed that's what it was short for.
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    I think its a classic, its very beautiful

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