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    I just read your first post. If they're close in age, then it probably will be noticed at school. I know how awful it is to have to go back to the drawing board after finding a name you love! Would it be possible to find a different middle instead of scrapping the whole thing? People on here are terrific at coming up with combos!
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    I wouldn't worry about it! Sibling-wise... my initials spell GEM, and my little brother's spell GRM (close to GERM), which I liked to make fun of him for when we were young, but it wasn't a big deal. Also, me and my brother's names have the exact same first three letters (Grace and Grant), which wasn't a problem either. In addition to that, I dated someone whose initials spelled his own name... Zack Adam Carson K--------. So his initials literally spelled ZACK, which was his first name.... but he said it didn't bother him. however, he used to joke that his parents must have been drunk or stupid to name him that way.

    Use whatever name you like, and don't worry about the initials! Unless you want to use something like Annabel Sarah Smith, in which case, I would have a problem with the initials. I love Echo as a middle name, and wouldn't think of the child as a literal Echo.
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