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    Babies are amazingly resilient, and used to being called all sorts of things. Mine, for instance, have been called their names, but also Honey, Sweetie, Baby, Babe, Babs, Sugar, Sugarpea, Sis, Sissy, Bub, Bubba, Bubby, Dear, Darling, Bean, Bellybean, Bluebell, Roo, Bellareeny, Bellerina, Snuggle bear, etc. Adding one more name really shouldn't cause confusion at 5 months old. Should you choose to change the name, I would do it soon, and (obviously) be perfectly certain in your new choice.
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    I agree with the others. If you're bothered by her name now, change it, definitely. It's not so uncommon as you might think. Besides, I'd rather there be a slight adjustment period with my child (and with the people who knew her) than to let those feelings fester and grow and have my daughter feel all the negativity of me hating her name (when I might possibly adore her siblings').

    Good luck!
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    Her middle name is Rose. It might be an option to leave her name as is but just call her by her middle name??

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    Totally! I know plenty of people who go by their middle!

    Rose, Rosie, Ro...all so cute!

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