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    changing name of 5 month old?

    So I know this sounds super crazy but I really want to change the name of my 5 month old baby. Is this beyond crazy?? I mean I know it's a bit crazy but just how crazy? You see we had hard time picking names to begin with but we also let family opinions steer us which I now regret. The name change wouldn't be a huge change, both still A names and similar in syllables. I'm just sick feeling as if we picked the wrong name for her. Should I just go with it and keep it or go ahead and change it?

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    I think you should do it.

    I know....I think two people who changed their infant's names. One of them got pressured by family to use a family name. She then called him by the name she wanted to give him originally for the first year of his life, and felt it was really silly to keep his "official" names as something no one used just to honor her FIL. So she changed it. The other one I believe only changed the spelling.

    If your child doesn't know his name yet, it would be a lot easier to change it now than to wait. He should have a name you love.
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    I completely agree with the pp. You should do what feels right.
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    I read something yesterday that stated that at around 5-6months children start recognizing their name.
    So if you want to change it, I would change it right now. Or change it to something with the same nn's.
    (Or work on a name transition plan or something).
    You don't want to unnecessarily confuse your poor kiddo.

    But, if the name isn't right I'd encourage you to change it. It's your child and a few weeks of confusion is probably better than a
    lifetime of you disliking the name you gave your child. I mean you don't want to have to tell them "I don't actually love your name, I just gave into peer pressure".
    (I mean, way to set an example. Right?! lol.)
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    Do what feels right. The sooner the better. I think within the first year is the window, especially if you've been using a nickname in that time period. Or you could always call her by her middle, a nickname, ect and never bother with the legal hassle. So long as you feel like her name was a choice that you & partner made.

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